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Pets Are Always Good For A Cuddle

Imagine this; You come home from a stressful, long day at work and are happily greeted by your pet, wet kisses and all. If you have a dog, chances are he or she will come bounding toward you, filled with unconditional love, thrilled to see you. It’s impossible to imagine a more effective mood booster. […]

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Is Your Cat Purring and Playing or Sneezing and Wheezing?

A healthy cat’s respiratory flow and feel (when you gently put your hands on them) will be smooth and even unless they’re intently sniffing something that has grabbed their attention, reacting to a bird they see out the window or wildly playing with their owners. Once they’ve gotten past the excitement their breathing should go […]

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Don’t Let Your Dog and Cat Share Their Food!

Dogs and cats can live together and happily in most cases (haven’t you seen those cute videos online?). Of course you want your furry friends to get along, but not to the point where they share each other’s food! First of all, most pets, particularly cats and dogs, enjoy eating in privacy so give them […]

But I Only Had One Beer…Hiccup!

But I Only Had One Beer…Hiccup!

The classic way to tell who is drunk in the movies is seeing who has a case of the hiccups. However, Hollywood did not make this up, drinking alcohol can cause hiccups for certain people even if they don’t consume that much. No matter how innocent you may be, one beer can cause hiccups. What […]

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New IFAW Education Program Looks to Curb Animal Cruelty

Some people are part of the problem and some are part of the solution. The International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) was started in 1969 to save animals in crisis around the world. This organization also purposes to prevent cruelty to animals. Many animals are abused every day. Large dog breeds are abused frequently. People […]

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Do You Need a Project Manager for Your Big Real Estate Project?

You are planning on building your dream home or perhaps are planning to remodel an existing building. While you may want to manage the entire project yourself, it is somewhat complex with certain aspects of the build or remodel outside your expertise. Do you still do the job yourself or hire a project manager? The […]

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Technology Vs Jobs: Are We Creating Or Destroying Jobs With Technology?

The “Technology Vs. Jobs” debate and how it relates to eliminating jobs isn’t anything new; as the world continues to advance it’s becoming more and more common. Sure in some cases the latest state of the art technologies does (and have) the potential of eliminating jobs but they also give us the ability to expand […]

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A Trip Around the World – Lesser Known Facts

Traveling around the world can be exciting! A young lawyer from New York City, Jodi Ettenberg left her job and wanted to see the world for one year. She save up the requisite $15,000 – $20,000 recommended and now, several years later, she is still traveling and can actually get by on approximately $12,000 year. […]

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Does Our Legal Education Need Reform? The ABA Thinks So

The American legal profession, the American Bar Association (ABA), the nation’s law schools, the states’ Supreme Courts, etc., have collaborated for generations to develop a legal education system that until recently was admired all over the world. From the oldest law school in the world (a toss of between Harvard and Litchfield and William & […]

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The US Marshals Museum – A Few Interesting Facts

US Marshals are passionate about United States law and are required to put themselves in extremely high risk situations to protect their country. One of the key roles of US Marshals is searching for and apprehending fugitives. Following are interesting facts about this noble profession and US Marshals service career requirements. Career Requirements The US […]

False Confessions: How Can Forensic Psychologists Tell?

False Confessions: How Can Forensic Psychologists Tell?

Since 1992, the Innocence Project has freed nearly 300 people from imprisonment because the evidence in their original trials was shown to be tainted or false. In fact, a considerable number included actual confessions by the defendant, only to show afterwards that they were not speaking the truth. The role of the forensic psychologist is […]

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Cool New Technology In Criminal Justice Helps Close More Cases

There is little doubt that the criminal justice system has undergone a tremendous change over the past half century with the advent of new technology. From DNA evidence to greater use of video monitors to other advanced techniques have changed the face of how crimes are prosecuted. The use of new and ever advancing technology […]

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Medical Issues That Keep You Out Of The Miltiary

For those considering a career in the US Military, the benefits can certainly be outstanding along with the respect of serving your country. However, if you’re looking to join the military and have a pre-existing medical condition, then you might prevent you from joining. It is necessary that you tell your recruiter about all medical […]

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5 Great Ancient Civilizations And Their People

There isn’t anything in history more exciting to study than ancient civilizations, including covering interesting Mexico facts, Peru facts and tales of other civilization, including getting to know their people who, regardless of how we feel about some of their behaviors, can leave the reader in awe of their fortitude and amazing accomplishments. Following we […]

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Little Known Facts about Physical Therapy

Have you heard of Bessie Blount? She was a famous physical therapist that treated soldiers in World War II. After the war, from seeing many amputees, she patented a device that allowed them to feed themselves. Here are some other little known facts about physical therapy you may want to know. The clinician that performs […]

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Which Country Is Home To The Largest Rainforest?

Over half of Earth’s animals and plants live in rainforests (frequently called “jewels of the earth”) which are located in the tropics, the area located between the Tropic of Cancer and the Capricorn, above and below the Equator. In this tropical region the sun shines around the same time every day, all year which helps […]

New Ultrasound System Lets You Monitor Your Car Engine

New Ultrasound System Lets You Monitor Your Car Engine

The world of automobiles is always changing, just like every other branch of technology. Unfortunately, these changes can become a little bit hard to keep up with leaving you out of the loop on what is the best practices for keeping yourself satisfied. For example, did you know that today cars are able to be […]

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Is It Safe To Go To Latin America On Vacation?

Is Latin America a safe place to take a vacation for foreigners? The short answer is yes. The long answer is that there are places that can be dangerous and situations that you should avoid when visiting. Belize is considered one of the safest places in Latin America to vacation or even to live contrary […]

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Utah’s Newest Home for Learning about the Dead

Have you ever heard of mortuary science schools? Most of us have not and so this qualifies as an emerging trend in our 21st century world. Many questions that have sparked debates on such schools have been left unanswered and more research about this is being carried out to ascertain what these schools entail, why […]

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What is Nuclear Medicine and Why is it Important?

Around the world there are medical professionals who work with radioactive materials that both diagnose medical conditions and save lives on a daily basis. They are commonly known as nuclear medicine technologist personnel and they occupy one of the more coveted positions in the medical field. What is a Nuclear Medicine Technologist? In essence, nuclear […]

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How Does An EKG Machine Work?

An EKG (electrocardiogram) machine interprets and records the electrical impulses of the heart for diagnostic uses. While EKG’s aren’t a form of treatment, they can help doctors diagnose and establish the proper treatment for a specific heart condition by providing a close look at the heart and how it’s functioning. Medical professionals from your local […]

Which Is More Stressful: Stock Broker Or Sports Management?

Which Is More Stressful: Stock Broker Or Sports Management?

Without a doubt, both professions; being a stock broker or entering into a sports manager career, come with their fair share of stress; basically most high paying, demanding positions do. But which is more stressful? A stockbroker is responsible for buying and selling securities and stocks for both organizations and individuals, a stressful situation because the […]

Is There a Scientific Basis for the Paleo Diet Craze?

Is There a Scientific Basis for the Paleo Diet Craze?

Once upon a time, human beings did not farm. We didn’t process grains into macaroni or make a goat’s milk into cheese. Nor did we work soil, plant wheat, and then grind the wheat into flour in order to bake bread. We most certainly did not squeeze the juice out of grapes and ferment it […]