To Breed Or Not To Breed!

To Breed Or Not To Breed!

Breeding is such an important aspect to the continuity of certain breeds of dogs, but breeding is a very extensive process that can become very difficult if you don’t know what you’re doing. There are certain breeds should not be bred together because of certain deformities that could happen. Breeding in general is a roll of the dice, so who knows what could happen. With that said, breeding has it’s fair share of advantages too.

The biggest reason why people cross-breed dogs is to get a unique look. Whether you’re in favor of it or not, there are dog owners that have been successful in creating very unique and exotic species of dogs. If you’ve ever seen one, you would probably want one too! Better yet is that with a unique breed comes a unique personality. Cross-bred dogs have been known to have fantastic personalities if the cross-breed is successful. Some dog breeders have even found that, in some cases, dogs that are cross-bred do not have as many hereditary issues as others. For more information about the advantages of cross-breeding, visit this page on LoveToKnow.

But for as many advantages there are to cross-breeding there are as many disadvantages unfortunately. Do you remember when I said that cross-bred dogs can have unique personalities? Well, sometimes this is for the worse. It’s very hard to judge the exact temperament of a dog through cross-breeding, in some cases, you might produce a very mean dog with a bad personality. Just as the temperament is hard to judge, size is as well. Just because you cross-breed two very large sizes of dogs does not mean that the result will be the same size. If both parents are similar in size, then generally the offspring as an adult will be bigger than both. And of course, the most popular disadvantage of cross-breeding is the chance of failed deliveries. C-sections are common in cross-breeding and even then it isn’t a sure thing whether or not the pup will survive. Other medical issues are also common in cross-bred dogs especially in the kidneys, heart, and eyes. The trait of being hypoallergenic is also something that could be carried on, but could also be lost. If you have dog allergies, then I would highly suggest you cross-breed two hypoallergenic dogs to ensure that the result will be hypoallergenic. For a list of hypoallergenic dogs, go here.

A commonly raised question about breeding dogs is whether or not large dogs can mate with small dogs. If you have ever tried to breed a large male with a small female, you may have had some serious difficulties with it. This is because the female would be too small to deliver and carry the larger-than-usual pup. However, there have been cases where small males can mate with larger females. This usually results in a very cool type of cross-bred canine! Medium dogs are generally a safe bet whenever cross-breeding two different sizes. For an extensive list of medium dogs, go here.

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