The Future Of 3D Printed Guns

3d-printerRecently, Motherboard released a trailer for a new documentary called ‘Click.Print.Gun’. This has garnered a lot of attention for the sole reason that guns are now being made in 3D printers! This is of course an extremely terrifying, yet kind of cool scenario that obviously has a host of problems.

The documentary follows gun enthusiast Cody R. Wilson, who has produced his own semi-automatic assault rifle and shown his work with the wonderful world of the internet. Wilson is a Law student from Texas, and he started and founded the WikiWeapon project.

WikiWeapon is a manufacturing initiative for 3D Printed guns. Now, of course, this throws up a lot of issues like;

  • How do you trace them?
  • How safe can it be to the public?
  • Can ANYBODY make one of these guns?

The gun itself is pretty much immaculate – it looks almost as brilliant as a real thing crafted by a trained professional/factory produced that costs thousands to make. The worrying thing is that this gun works perfectly – it fires bullets like the real thing, and it can kill people like the real thing.

Otherwise known as Defense Distributed, you can read all about the potential behind the NPO and how it wants to tackle a lot of gun crimes and help people understand that weapons do not need to be the big taboo that they are.

The idea behind the entire process was to create the opportunity for everybody to be able to wield arms, just as the Constitution states. The biggest issues are of course things like licensing and serial numbers, if people can just generate guns out of their printers, then security risks become massive.

On the flip side, this type of innovation could save millions if the guns can just be printed! So what do you think? Should we be able to go and print guns?

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