Stonehenge In England, A Must See!

On the Salisbury Plain, one of the most mysterious places on earth exists. The Stonehenge Monolith is located within the gorgeous surroundings of the Wiltshire countryside. A must see for anyone that’s visiting England, whether for business or pleasure.


Take a day trip to the mythical site of Stonehenge. From London it’s only an hour and twenty-minutes away by train, to Salisbury, then a short bus trip to the site. It’s an awesome trip for families or even just you, the site are filled with a lot of history and mystery.

Archaeologists and scholars still don’t know for sure what Stonehenge was built to do. There are many theories such as; being used as a calendar, places of sun worship, a healing centre, or perhaps even a burial place. The sheer size and the carrying of the stones, over long distances amaze everyone.

There is more to Salisbury than one of the most mysterious places on earth. Visit the Salisbury Cathedral, a great medieval cathedral with breathtaking architecture and the tallest spire; 404 feet. Many pilgrims come to the cathedral to walk the spire or sink their minds into one of four copies of the Magna Carta. Which ever you fancy, it’s sure to be an exuberating journey.

The Old Sarum is another great historical site to visit in Salisbury. Just a couple miles north of the current city of Salisbury, Old Sarum is the original city forte. The first cathedral stood here and Romans, Saxons and Normans left a piece of themselves behind. There are graphic interpretation panels for a spell binding tale of five thousand years of history. Every weekend there are events at this site. There is a gorgeous hike along the Avon River from the city to the site. It takes about forty-five minutes, however it’s worth the walk.

The Close is an area around the cathedral that used to house the secular priests. The larger houses are on the west of the close and near the River Avon. Ancient stone ties in the other sides of the Close. A mixture of countryside living in one area to the west and a more township area to the North, The Close is an important historical area and contains architectural wonder.

The Wardrobe is quite a sight to behold. A museum located across from another cathedral with artifacts, gardens and is a wonderful site for the family. Another all age’s attraction, is the Salisbury Arts Centre, with live music and fascinating art exhibits, topped off with a sweet little cafe. There is an aromatic garden in the back, for you to enjoy a leisurely stroll whilst taking in exhibits. This art centre is a nice relaxing, invigorating trip for anyone to enjoy.

Start your vacation with ancient mystery, move on to ancient history and wrap it up with refinery. From Stonehenge, Salisbury Cathedral, Old Sarum, The Close, The Wardrobe to The Arts Centre, you’ll find something that delights the heart and sparks the imagination.

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