New IFAW Education Program Looks to Curb Animal Cruelty

New IFAW Education Program Looks to Curb Animal Cruelty

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Some people are part of the problem and some are part of the solution. The International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) was started in 1969 to save animals in crisis around the world. This organization also purposes to prevent cruelty to animals.

Many animals are abused every day. Large dog breeds are abused frequently. People purchase or take in a cute cuddling puppy with very large paws and ignore the fact that they grow up and eat a lot.  Some owners do not properly train their large dog. After a time, when they cannot provide for them and when they are unruly, they end up abused.

The IFAW started a global education program called Cats, Dogs and Us. This program is for educators and students in the 5-14 year old age group and hopes to show people how to live with cats and dogs. The program gives knowledge and skills and encourages empathy and respect. They give free teaching resources in over a dozen languages reaching over 5,000,000 educators.

Several benefits have been demonstrated from this program that benefits animals, people and communities.  This program reduces school violence and bullying.  It improves critical thinking skills along with motivating students to become more engaged and make good decisions. Academic achievement, including better scores on standardized tests, has been proven. 

The IFAW has a top down/bottom up approach working and listening to individual teachers and students along with 20 plus countries. They work with education ministries and other top level institutes by adding this ‘Cats, Dogs and Us’ program into school curricula.

One of their approaches is population control of animals. They work with communities where over population is an issue and they approach the problem with sensitivity and respect. They work with all dog sizes from the tiny to the enormous.

The International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) and Career Development Institute (CDI) are partnering to bring Animals in the Community to New Jersey.  The project aims to increase the health and welfare of wildlife, domestic animals and household pets throughout the state.

John Saccenti, President of Career Development Institute, stated, “I am very excited about this program and the opportunity to work with IFAW.  I believe it will have a significant and positive impact on the operations of municipalities in New Jersey and on the health and welfare of the animals in those communities.”

“There are so many ways we live with animals in our homes and in our communities,” said Kelly Johnston, Program Officer, IFAW.  “We are thrilled to work with CDI to get our educational materials into the hands of educators and citizens throughout the populous Garden State. Our goal is to make a positive difference for people and animals.”

Helping all creatures great and small truly is a calling and it is good the International Fund for Animal Welfare is part of the solution!

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