MIT’s Professor Yang Shao-Horn Working On The Next Generation Of Batteries

shaohornYang Shao-Horn is a Gail E. Kendall professor of materials science and engineering at prestigious MIT (a top mechanical engineering school) and mechanical engineering involved in the cutting edge of fundamental energy science research. Her research is focused on discovering the magic formula at work inside batteries and fuel cells research that promises to address a wide range of energy associated applications from solar power to electric cars; efforts that can help save the planet. Professor Yang Shao-Horn confesses that as a young girl she wasn’t the best student, at least not compared to conventional standards, but that obviously changed as she has become one of today’s most important people when it comes to energy science.

Professor Yang Shao-Horn is also the director of MIT’s Electrochemical Energy Laboratory, and together with her team she has developed an experimental lithium air battery that exhibits a round trip performance of 75% which as of this writing is one of the highest efficiencies documented. She continually asks important questions pertaining to the process on her and team’s quest to learn more with their mission being to eventually create a better energy storing technology by pushing the boundaries of their collective knowledge. The professor and her collaborators continue to make use of their latest findings to create battery electrodes, catalysts and state of the art energy storage systems. Having the opportunity to carry out research like the professor at a top mechanical engineering school like MIT would be an honor for anything passionate about research and the environment.

Professor Yang Shao-Horn is also associated with Singapore’s MIT Alliance for Research and Technology interdisciplinary research team, MIT’s Center for Clean Water and Energy, and Saudi Arabia’s King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals. Undertakings with these universities consist of endeavoring to adjust the structures behind electronics consequently leading to devices that are more energy efficient as well as helping Saudi Arabia branch move away from being an economy that is oil dependent.

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