Medical Issues That Keep You Out Of The Miltiary

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For those considering a career in the US Military, the benefits can certainly be outstanding along with the respect of serving your country. However, if you’re looking to join the military and have a pre-existing medical condition, then you might prevent you from joining.

It is necessary that you tell your recruiter about all medical conditions that you currently have or have suffered from in the past. While they may not be automatic disqualifiers, not telling your recruiter and having them discovered later are grounds for a dishonorable discharge.

Even missing too many trips to the dental hygienist could stop your military career before it starts if you have developed serious forms of gum disease. What follows are just some of the medical conditions that might prevent you from joining the military. Such conditions are not an automatic disqualification, but they will need to be revealed to your military recruiter.

There is minimum hearing, speech and vision requirements along with being generally physically fit to serve. Obvious ailments include having viral hepatitis, cirrhosis of the liver, acute or chronic cholecystitis and other gall bladder disorders, pancreatitis and the like. Hernia and any surgery along the abdominal wall,

Abdominal & Gastrointestinal System Ailments

–       Gastritis, Chronic or Severe Hypertrophic Conditions

–       Congenital Defects that require surgical treatment &

–       Ulcers

Intestinal Track

–       Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Ulcerative Colitis or Proctitis, Regional Enteritis

–       Duodenal Diverticula with perforation or hemorrhaging

–       Intestinal Malabsorption Syndromes and any Congenital Defects or unexplained bleeding

Other issues may include any anal fistula, fissures, polyps or large hemorrhoids and a history of bleeding from the anal area.

Blood Disorders

–       Anemia, Leukopenia, Immunodeficiency and any hemorrhagic disorders

Dental Issues

–       Diseases of the jaw, severe malocclusion, and not enough natural healthy teeth. A required orthodontic appliance other than a retainer also needs to be reported.

Neurological Disorders

–       Cerebrovascular issues such as aneurysm or intracerebral hemorrhaging. Also, reoccurring headaches, degenerative disorders and congenital malformations as well.

Behavioral & Mental Disorders

Severe behavioral disorders that would impede working in a military environment, including immaturity or instability may disqualify a person from serving. Also, sleepwalking, eating disorders, and functional enuresis or encopresis as well.

Any history of mental illness that required official medical treatment either in the past or present

Lung Disorders

Any disorders that involve the lungs from an abnormal elevation of the diaphragm to any lung disease issues such as tuberculosis need to be reported. Naturally, asthma and any severe bronchitis issues that reoccur are natural candidates.

Skin, Mouth & Sinus Issues

Any type of skin issue, even acne that would be aggravated by wearing military equipment and not subject to treatment may be a disqualifier for serving. Mouth disorders include leukoplakia, cleft lip or palate defects that have not been corrected by surgery.

Those who have severe allergies, especially those that require medical treatments are potential issues. Acute sinusitis, anasmia, episaxis and so forth also may be disqualified.

Essentially, for anyone who has doubts about current or previous medical conditions, it is generally best to report them to your military recruiter first before enlisting.

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