Distant Learning: A Better Option

Distant Learning: A Better Option

Are you interested in studying something unique and cool? Perhaps engineering has interested you, but you haven’t found the right type of engineering that calls you name. If you are up for new, fun, and exciting fields of study then you should look into biomedical and aerospace engineering. These two fields are not quite as popular as one might think, and provide a whole new scope of learning that most other forms of engineering don’t. For instance, mechanical engineers probably utilize a lot of the same concepts as other engineers do, but aerospace engineers have a whole new style of physics, trigonometry, mathematics, etc. that they utilize.

Biomedical engineers specialize in studying living bodies and look deep into medical practices in a special scientific way. Both Education-Portal and Access2Knowledge have Johns Hopkins University, located in Baltimore, Maryland, as the top biomedical engineering school. There, students learn their fundamentals; skills that are transferable to about anything that they do from then on. They learn everything from the complex ideas of physiology to the technical aspects of bio-sensors and even computer sciences.

If biomedical engineering is too scientific for you, perhaps something like aerospace engineering would interest you. Both US News and Access2Knowledge have the renowned Massachusetts Institute of Technology, otherwise known as MIT, as the number one school for aerospace engineering as well as aeronautical and astronautical (two other very similar fields). When studying aerospace engineering, be prepared to learn a whole lot of physics, astronomy, and math to go along with it. Because the whole concept of space, rockets, and satellites are still relatively new, it makes this field that much more exciting. New concepts and ideas are being born every year and it keeps the field interesting.

So let’s say you are interested in pursuing either of these fine engineering fields, but don’t necessarily have the time, money, or resources available to attend these schools. Luckily for you there is an alternative – online learning. On Huffington Post, Tom Snyder, the President of Ivy Tech Community College, fully supports the idea of online learning and believes it is the future of higher education. Because online learning is such a new and fresh idea in the minds of educators and students around the world, we have only seen the very minimum of what it can offer. Ultimately, online learning will get to the point where anybody at any given time and receive formal higher education.

Distant Learning: A Better Option Credit Picture License: NASA HQ PHOTO via photopin cc

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