A Trip Around the World – Lesser Known Facts

Traveling around the world can be exciting! A young lawyer from New York City, Jodi Ettenberg left her job and wanted to see the world for one year. She save up the requisite $15,000 – $20,000 recommended and now, several years later, she is still traveling and can actually get by on approximately $12,000 year.

I love this quote from her travel site:

Travel intensifies human experiences, transcending social rules that would apply at home.

Her travel experiences have been enriched by the people she meets off the beaten path. She recommends sharing meals and other expenses with new found friends. Taxi drivers, if given cough drops, can be a wealth of information!

Venezuela – It’s all about food!

  • Vezuelan’s staples include corn, onions and garlic
  • A soft fluffy corn pancake is preferred for sandwiches over bread
  • Many dishes include pasta from an Italian influence. A favorite is Pasticho which is like lasagna but macaroni noodles are used instead of lasagna noodles and a rich bechami sauce is used also.
  • Gausacaca is like guacamole with pureed avocados but a fiery tobacco sauce is added
  • A Caribbean influence can be found with the sweet and spicy dishes

Heading over to Qatar – located in the Persian Gulf

  • Qatar has low unemployment at just .4% with most of the population between the ages of 25-54.
  • Natural resources include fish petroleum and over 90% are related to oil in some way
  • Some say Qatar is the least corrupt country of all

Let’s go to France as the most modern country in Western Europe and the one most traveled to worldwide

  • The French live a long time with women having the highest life expectancy of the entire European nation.
  • Decorating Christmas trees with ornaments is said to come from France. They use to decorate with apples until a drought destroyed the crop and caused a glass blower to come up with ornaments shaped like apples to be used instead.
  • Common items the French are credited with include french frys and french kissing.  It is unclear if they truly are French!

World traveling can be wonderful with some planning, the right companions, and taking the right things. Jodi, as referenced above has a blog, Legal Nomads, and recommends taking the following uncommon items she has used many times over:  safety whistle (used to scare monkeys), doorstop, headlamp, sleep sheet and a sarong.

Go out and enjoy the world – you will find a different ‘self’ when you come back!

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